About The Company

Grossman Group LLC, founded in 2014 by Leron Grossman, is a rapidly growing, privately owned real estate investment, development, and consulting company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
 Grossman Group LLC provides a variety of real estate services and opportunities with exceptional service, as well as unique investment options for every level of risk tolerance, to both local and international investors.
To thrive in this environment, you need strong industry relationships, as well as all-encompassing analytics and market knowledge to make smart, fact-based business decisions. At Grossman Group, we use these tools and more as part of our in-depth research.
We pay meticulous attention to detail and rely on data—not instincts—to unlock the best opportunities.

Our Shared Success

We believe that to receive, we need to give.
As a company committed to creating win-win relationships, we share our success with our investors and business partners and strive to provide dedicated guidance that benefits us all.
We take tremendous pride in all of our investments, developments and consulting projects. If you choose to be a part of our clientele, and maybe even a business partner in one of our projects, we will deliver unparalleled opportunities and personalized customer service.

Who We Are

1. A boutique real estate firm in Philadelphia with international experience and unique offerings.

2. A team of businesspeople who value direct, upfront communication.

3. Experienced, Organized and motivated investment partners, committed to providing superior returns to our investors.

We Are Not

1. Another giant real estate investment company.

2. Unrealistic about the returns on your investments.
Big risk takers.

3. Sales people who will “bait and switch” prices with the “fine print.”

What We Do

1. Give you the most accurate information and up-to-date data available.
2. Reduce expenses without compromising high-quality results on every project.
3. Invest along with our investors on higher-end projects, usually with an equal or greater cash investment.
4. Invest our time, energy, labor, experience, business connections, expertise, and resources into every project.
5. Conduct the property’s renovations and execute management agreements at no additional expense to you, in cases of partnership.
6. Generate increased revenues and create operational synergies with our unique project management style, energetic approach and experience, drawing from a variety of professional disciplines.
7. Stay open to new investors (minimum investment $300K) and on the lookout for new investment projects every day!

Leron Grossman is a Real Estate Investment Expert and the Founder of Grossman Group LLC. Since inception, he has engaged in hundreds of transactions and was recently named one of the most respected and sought-after real estate professionals in Philadelphia by Top Agent Magazine.

He launched Grossman Group in 2014 to provide investors with Real Estate Intelligence— offering global reach, unparalleled services, and above-market results. He has helped new and seasoned investors alike navigate the complexities of the real estate ecosystem, from early access due diligence and purchase and sale agreement execution, through large-scale renovation projects and income-producing property management.

Leron specializes in real estate marketing and sales, construction management, property management, market research, and negotiation (Certified Negotiation Expert). He strongly believes in leading by example to pave the way for others and is progressively in acquisition of single and multi-family investment properties in need of rehabilitation.

Prior to real estate, Leron was a member of the Israeli Defense Force (Special Forces) and also founded a company that spearheaded activations for top firms such as Versace and Marriott International. He’s carried these formative skills and insights to provide world-class service to clients.

Leron holds a BA (first class honors) in Business Management (top 3% of graduating class). He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Pennsylvania, and a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®.

You are welcome to learn more about Leron with his LinkedIn profile but don’t wait and contact him TODAY!

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