Do Your Own Thing


Choose your own investment opportunity while using our services and expertise.
Use our services and guidance step by step:

  • We can set up your LLC company and obtain you an ITIN (Identification Tax ID Number – for foreign investor/s only)
  • We will help and guide you with your strategy, level of risk and budget and will work with you as your buyer’s agent (REALTOR® services to be perform under “Victory Real Estate LLC”).
  • We will locate your property according to your criteria while providing you consultation, analysis and forecasts (depends on the type of property and your budget).
  • We can do all the renovations and repairs necessary while using our own renovation team.
  • We can help you find good quality tenants and help you out with the yearly property management.
  • Future management services are also available to you (will be performed under “Victory Real Estate LLC”).


Available to purchase online:

Set up an investment company in PA $1,500

  • This service includes: setting up your new LLC company, including all necessary licenses, company’s official books, stamp, shares certificates, basic operating agreement (30 Minutes Conference) and on how to operate the company as a local or foreign investor with or without management company.
  • Time may vary as we depend on 2 different accountants, the IRS, and the state but typically it takes anywhere from 1-3 months from start to finish (assuming we get everything we need from you).
  • No “small print and/or any additional costs” for this service.
  • If you choose any of our consulting packages within 30 days of purchasing the basic set up for investment company, you can get 5% off from the bronze and silver consulting packages, and 10% off from our gold and platinum consulting packages (discount value: $160 and $220, accordingly)
  • To pay and schedule to set up your new LLC company – click here!