Join an Existing Project

  • We care about relationships, equity, and return on investments. When you decide to invest in one of our projects, you are choosing a smart, worry-free, solid investment.
  • We won’t offer you absurd rates of return for your investment.
  • NO “projected” income, “projected” expenses or “projected” ROI (Return on investment) – we deliver the actual facts from at least 1 year of full operation of stable property/ies.
  • Depends on your budget, you can expect between 6-12% net ROI, depends on our final contract and the risk you are willing to take.
  • Due to frequent fluctuations in the real estate market, we don’t publish specific available deals and projects online (but we have dozens available!).

When you join and invest in an existing project, you have two main options to choose from:

1. You can buy a percentage from one of our existing investment property/ies (not less than 33% and not more than 75%)

We offer real estate investment opportunities on completely renovated, occupied, cash flow positive, well located properties with a proven track records of investment performance and returns.

Pros: you know exactly what you are buying, and can review at least 1 year or more of the property’s information and performance (from operational standpoint to financials reports); you won’t need to take the risk of dealing with any renovations (we will offer you completely renovated properties), and of course -cash flow positive from day one!

Cons: you won’t be the only owner and decision maker; you will pay for any and all of the closing costs associated with your purchase; you will need to keep this investment for at least 5 years before having an exit (we don’t like to have too many changes on existing working projects, and from our experience, considering selling every 5 years period is usually the best practice to make nice profit and exit in the end of the day).

2. You can invest in our company's activities, and more specifically, in one of our existing investment property/ies that will serve as your collateral.

Instead of us borrowing money from financial institutions, and/or use our line of credit for our new projects – we are willing to borrow the money directly from our investors, while offering them the exact same percentage of interest rate that we are usually paying for loans. A true win-win situation!

Be less committed and avoid many closings costs and lend us the money while getting a note to secure your loan and protect your investment.

Pros: Fixed interest rate – regardless of our results! no closing costs, no risk (we will provide you a note on one of our free and clean property/ies and/or will provide you strong guarantee on one of our existing line of credit; we guarantee (in writing) to return any loan within 30 days upon a written request.

Cons:   Fixed interest rate which will not increase, even if we have a major success in our new project(s).

Did you know?


Grossman Group Revenues increased rapidly since opening and more specifically – more than two digits annual increase (!) each and every year!

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